Our Dream in Motion


This shop is about a couple of people who had the dream of living and working in Monterey, a place where they honeymooned back in 1990.

Observing up close over the last several years (we moved here in 2015!), we dreamed of seeing people really enjoying their conferences, vacations and weekend getaways in a different way.  We watched as people enjoyed hiking and biking, around the peninsula but having to put a lot of energy into peddling.

Then it hit us, why not put that same amount of energy into enjoying the view and a lot less into peddling.  The E-Scooter is an all electric driven, seated position, two wheeled low handlebar-ed vehicle, hence the name Two Wheel Tours!  The E-Scooter is quiet, has no emissions and are a heck of a lot of fun to drive.  Come to our shop on Wave Street for an adventure you will not soon forget!

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